Best travel bag you can afford

So … imagine for a moment that you (or you) are in the middle of a runway.
The great travel bag you left in the hotel room, and you are now only with a little backpack, a day backpack, where all your stuff.
Understand the situation?


Now, in the middle of the trek-
Suddenly the clouds scatter, and the sun hits the face.
At first it’s nice and everything, because it’s refreshing.
You also love the feeling of the sun on your face, it’s from caressing like this …

But after a few miles it’s getting annoying.
And after a few more kilos it’s really annoying.
And then you’re sweating really, the bag is squeezing your back.
Your gas burner stabs behind your back, and you can squeeze your shirt and fill your bottle with a half-liter bottle.

Not pleasant, right?

We hate that feeling.
That’s exactly why our travel bag has a completely ethereal backbone. Made from a network. There is hardly a backpack that touches your back, just a net.
Your back will finally breathe open, and you’ll laugh at your friends sweating in the oil you’re running uphill.
The second reason, of course, is that it is a backpack that will hold you forever.
Well, not really win, because it really is a long time. But it will hold you for a long time.

How do I know?


1. This backpack has the highest technical specifications in Israel, and it is made of the most powerful materials and parts.
Have you heard a story about some friend of yours who was torn off the backpack in the middle of a trip? Tinker, laugh at him. Your backpack is as strong as concrete.

2. You have a lifetime warranty. It means that if there is something wrong with the production, or something does not work well, talk to us, and we’ll arrange it. You have nothing to worry about. Peace of Mind.

How many cells are there? full!

With us you do not have to worry about having nowhere to put things. You do not have to worry about order. We have full cells, which are just right for your trip, in Israel or abroad.

What am I talking about?
There are many times during the trip, you will need flexibility of the backpack. This means you will have a lot of equipment, of various types, large, small, sack, tent, coffee pot, penknife, food, water … a lot of equipment in different shapes and sizes.

You absolutely do not want to throw everything in a pile into your backpack because you’ll have a nightmare to get it out and manipulate it. You want to keep order, because it will save you time and a lot of grief.

First off, you have one large central compartment. This is good for most of your equipment, food, water, and other great equipment.

We also improved this cell,

On the one hand, there are two inner cells – one compartment for a walker and one small internal chamber with Richards for keys or small objects. A passport would fit a bull here.

We already talked about the approach from below to this cell.
But that’s not all …

Keep reading:

Apart from the main cabin, there are also some great things to do:
You have another separate compartment, quite large, where you will store more small and smaller.
Walkers with keys, sunglasses, things like that? This is the cell for you.
There’s also an organizer, say maps, pens, things like that.

Now you probably say to yourself, “Walla, a cool backpack, it has everything.”

But a second before you buy, get a few more things equal:

There are small pockets on the waistband, for keys or tissues, etc. Things you need to have while walking. There’s one on each side.

And, if all this is not enough –

You also have 6 different shrink straps for connecting more outside equipment. A tent, a mattress, things like that.
It’s a small, compact bag, but if you use it to the very end, and connect things from the outside – it’s hard to believe that you will not have room for everything you need.

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