Purse is a storage solution that goes with us everywhere. In the past, the supply was poor wallets, now the situation has completely changed. This article will present readers with important information about the men and women wallets and their types.


Wallets for men and women – important basic information

Today, most companies sell purses have a website where they present a catalog of wares. Although women’s purses often seem very attractive, whether in terms of price or terms of design, it is very important to check certain points Before deciding to purchase the wallet:

Warranty – always making sure you get warranty on the product purchased, to find out what the warranty period and what it includes.

Quality – it is important to choose a company to its successful reputation built by its customers as a result of the high quality of its wallets, large supply and professionalism of the company.

Match – it is important to make sure the company offers a wide range of bags and purses that are suitable for you in terms of size, color, structure and design.


Wallets – for any purpose

Business owners purses – purses leather or leather-like solid colors suited for business travelers and salesmen in terms of design and in terms of solid corporate character that wish to broadcast to customers.

Women purses  – purses colorful women of different sizes and designs.

Men wallets  – are generally small dimensions solid colors with credit card slots, a zippered compartment and cell currencies banknotes.

Business card wallets – purses adapted to the size of a standard business card.

Credit card wallets – purses adapted to the size of a credit card.

Travel documents and purses  – purses suited for travel, and room for a passport, credit cards, pen, money and plane tickets. Sometimes come in plus travel and tag cover passport cover.

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