In our everyday life we ​​all use cases. Type of file changes according to our needs. As children we used the so-called backpacks briefcases. These were made of leather with two straps and a square shaped closing zipper or buckle through, and the interior of the bag was divided mainly into two or three cells, two primary and one, for the most part, little more. So we walked to school with a backpack.
Today, children carry bags began walking to kindergarten and throughout the school. The classic cases are the most useful and backpacks  used by children carrying food, clothing replacement and more. Backpacks for young children are usually bags with small volume  and made of different materials like cotton and synthetic fabrics that allow greater durability.
For school backpacks used to carry even heavier school supplies such as books, notebooks and pens, so they must be larger and more durable. Some even have a waist and shoulder belts designed to facilitate the carrying bag from the back of the young child.
Selection of portfolios kindergarten and school is increasing from year to year. Many try to improve the carrying capacity of the bags. Orthopedic bags are padded with subsidies, there are bags and adding wheels at the base of the bag and briefcases with weight disperse cells.
From time immemorial, the beginning of the school year heralds the revival bag with it for the child who walks to school. During this period, decorate the bags around the shops and shopping centers making the case an important matter for every family. Choosing a bag is entirely subjective, but important for the adjustment of children of the same case.

Backpacks – Choice

There currently in a very large supply of bags large range of prices. Since the natural tendency of most parents is to give their children choose backpacks that fit them, Many times a short period after purchase, parents find that the case is not adapted to the child’s back and Orthopedics, body structure, made of high quality materials and kinds of other problems. As the child choose his favorite case, we must first have a responsibility to parents to buy it from a reputable successful in producing high-quality backpacks.

Backpacks – it is important

Rigorous testing – bags offered to the public must go through rigorous testing during production and final finish. These tests include all related to the meticulous production, the materials used, testing of the finished product and more. Match – The second thing that must be considered is the structure of the portfolio. It is important to make sure that the file orthopedic and fits the child’s body structure. In addition, make sure that has special padding allowing ventilation of the bag during the day.
Strips – important to make sure the strap does dress well on the shoulders of the child and are soft and comfortable basis.
Angle and weight – have in mind the weight of a small child so it is important to choose a backpack that allows its easy shoplifting. Make sure the weight of the bag is easy in order not to burden the children who come to school and back with books and notebooks that add weight to the case.
Warranty and Reliability – It is important to make sure the company it purchased the portfolio will provide warranty service if necessary.
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