Distributor cases is the person or company responsible for product distribution process and in our case, bags. In this article we will explain in detail who is behind the distribution of portfolios, the types of major distributors and other important points to Know.

Distributor bags – Business Card

Distributor bags can be a person whose expertise is distributing bags. Distributing bags can also be done by a company it its main specialty or one of its specialties. There are distribution companies and manufacturers that fill the function of the product distribution domestic and international markets. Distributing bags always be made after the preliminary characterization is largely the product matching a specific target audience. In Israel there are two main types of distributors, this is his sole distributor and manufacturer that also serves as a distributor bags bags. This service is a complementary service to any other actions that include the development and production of bags. Distributor’s main job is to expedite all related to the marketing and sale of bags, shorten the time and streamline the sales process.

Distributing bags – the company or externally?

As already mentioned, distributes bags, which produces them and on the other hand there are companies that develop and produce bags and decided to hire a local distributor outside of bags or distributor works in parallel with the domestic market or international markets. In recent years, many manufacturers decided to use external portfolio and distributor because significant savings with regard to the establishment of a marketing and management, as well as storage. However, there are manufacturers of bags that are not prepared to give up good reputations are built and therefore they prefer to perform all operations control and full responsibility within the company, distribution operations including switching cases (printing on the bags or tissue), in order to ensure that their customers will be happy and to have direct address any problems or questions. In addition, there are companies who choose to distribute their own bags, and they use the service distributor outside portfolio.

In summary, every file needed for distribution. Advantages of solar manufacturers are also handbags distributor has exclusive control over all processes related to distribution and customer service and making sure that the reputation of his company’s successful saved. In addition, the customer himself knows he has a direct address to which he can turn to for any problem or question about the bag / suitcase, which he acquired and usually after a long period more responsibility importer and distributor of exterior.

Embroidery and printing on the bags

The majority of cases ( backpacks ,  bags sports , Bags for children) intended to publish the final customer chooses to print silk-screen printing (color usually between one and three), process printing (color, unlimited number of colors) or embroider. Embroidery / Print this sometimes is separate sale process, and should be made by the business this is his specialty. Embroidery / printing on the bag as a promotional product, is actually the main factor for the purchase of a bag, and it will be mandatory logo colors with precise, high quality, and sustain over time. Embroidery / print the file does not look good, or decaying over time, does not add a bag / suitcase as a promotional product beautiful and impressive, and the company that acquired it.

Rucksacks (backpacks, Bags for children, Bags for soldiers ) due to their nature they are used daily, should and will bear printing text delicate and complicated too, which later may lose the sharpness / his quality, and it is better and would weave them instead of printing (usually embroidered on bag costs more printing, but the quality and beauty respectively). In contrast, the portfolios shows / Veterans Conference / Congress bags, travel bags, luggage and trolls, which are not used frequently, even fine print (with individuals or small text) will hold for a long time. Even the print location and number of colors have different considerations.

Shogun work with several materials (fabrics) provided various printing processes, and we will be happy to take questions about the types of bags and printing on our product range, as it is clear to us for printing and embroidery on bags are part of the portfolio, and we also treat them.

We prefer to provide our bags with printing and embroidery made by us, so we are confident the finished product reaches the customer with the highest quality, both in terms of branding – it is the most important step, all very short deadlines. Before making any embroidery or printing any file, we generate a computer simulation that shows the bag and it switches (print / embroidery), and is sent to the customer for approval before printing. It is still possible to update / improve / change anything logo or even replace the product itself. Large quantities or special demand, we print on the bag / suitcase and an example of (physical) is sent to the client for approval.

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