There are several differences between the Women purses  and men’s wallets .  This article will provide readers with the main characteristics of the female wallet and are the most important things that must examine not yet buying a purse everyday serve you.

Unlike in most men, for women’s purse is a fashion item for anything ( “Akssori”). Looks important appearance of any accessory, fashionable clothing or footwear. The color of the purse, its design and the raw materials from which it may reflect the character of the woman who chose their wallet. Wallet type of concern, width and its size, structure and number of its cells, its colors and design that are interested, reflect the personal tastes of the woman, carrying her statement and fashionable.


Women purses – purses Men

There are many differences between men’s wallets Women’s wallets:

Style – Supply styles / designs of women’s purses larger than that of men’s wallets.

W – men’s wallets typically narrower compared to the women’s purses.

Size – Most men’s wallets smaller than those of women.

Raw materials – most men prefer leather purses or leathery, women on the other hand open a larger supply of raw materials, the emphasis is mainly on comfort and design.

Colors – men usually prefer solid colors such as wallets black and brown . Women, however, are open  to a rich variety of colors .

Purpose – men in their wallet users usually store of money and credit cards. Women on the other hand tend to put your purse in addition to many items.

Types – similar cases, many women have decided on purchasing a purse depending on the type of the event. Namely, casual purse, wallet evening events, and more.


In conclusion, wallets for men are mainly used as an accessory functional, as opposed to women’s purses that are also used as a fashion accessory in every way. In any case, it is important to contact the company that manufactures and designs high-quality purses and supply of styles in order to allow you to choose the same wallet that reflects your style and taste best.

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