Michael Kors, Original or Imitation Case?

Sometimes we are exposed to special offers at the liquidation price on Michael Kors handbags online or in stores. The cheapest price for a bag you’ve always dreamed of is tempting, but is the case an original or fake Michael Kors case?

Can anyone know if this is Michael Kors’ original case or fake?

Yes, with the 5 tips we’ll show you in the next article, you’ll know how to identify Michael Kors’s original file or fake.


Why do we want to purchase Michael Kors bags?
Michael Kors handbags are a status symbol that transmits prestige. Michael Kors is an over-designer who has all his products, clothing, watches, fashion accessories and of course bags are the hottest thing on the world fashion market today. Michael Kors bags are quality bags whose purchase is worth the price, they are classics, will stay with us for many years and very quality and therefore their wear is very low.

Who is Michael Kors?
Michael Kors is a designer for an internationally acclaimed American. The course was born on August 9, 1959. Michael Kors founded the brand in his name “MICHAEL Michael Kors” in 1981 and almost immediately became a success and continued to succeed ever since. Over the years, Michael Kors has maintained a sophisticated design line for people of all ages. Since then he has won many awards during his career, for example: designer of the year in 1999, designer of men’s clothing in 2003, award over life in 2010 and more. Michael Kors is known for his ability to create sexy and sophisticated designs for all types of people and all ages.

Tips on how to distinguish a Michael Kors original or fake bag
Price – As with all designer handbags, the price is a big indicator of what you buy. The prices of the Michael Kors bags range from NIS 600 to NIS 2500. If you find a bag at a lower price it probably is fake. In order to know the reasonable price of the file you are interested in, you can go to the Michael Kors world site and see the price on the site, of course the price will be different in every place or country because there are different importers, import costs, sales costs, taxes (in Israel there is Value Added Tax, VAT “, At a height of 17% that should be added to the price abroad), etc. But it gives you direction. It does not make sense that a file on the Michael Kors website for $ 400 is sold for 400 NIS.

Trademark – The Michael Kors logo will appear on the bag in several places, on the outside it can appear on the side of the buckles, in the front of the bag or purse and in fact on each buckle or button. Inside, the inner lining is printed on Michael Kors’ logo and there should be a piece of leather on which the name of Michael Kors is named.

Sewing – sewing must be perfect. The sewing should be straight, with large stitches, uniform in size and at a distance from each other. With some surprising sewing of Michael Kors bags is done by hand and performed by highly skilled seamstresses. It is very easy to identify a fake bag if you examine the sewing of the bag, in a fake bag there will always be mistakes and the sewing will never be perfect.

The materials – Authentic Michael Kors bags are made from very good materials and are hand sewn. Michael Kors original bag will serve you for many years thanks to its quality materials. In a fake bag you can immediately notice the quality of the poor materials, the buckles and zippers that may be made of cheap plastic, the logo and the buckles are made of plastic and in general you can see that the bag is not as high as one would expect from a prestigious designer bag.

The inside – for people who make fake bags is important only the outside. So you can definitely see the differences when considering the inside of the bag. The inside of an original bag is often made of soft cloth with leather around the lining. All around the zipper or inner buckle will be sewn leather straps. The logo stamped on the fabric will be gentle and uniform when the direction of the logo will always be uniform in size and direction. There will never be a seam at the bottom of the lining. In forged cases it can be seen that the material from which the lining is made is a hard cloth material with a plastic feel and in most cases the lining will be glued and not sewn, the zippers will be simple and not of quality and there will be uniformity in the direction of the logo embedded on the lining. Anyone who opens the file and examines its internal part will immediately differentiate between an original and a fake file. The quality of the original bag is uncompromising and the inside of the bag is as good as the outside.

So before you run to buy a Michael Kors case in a store that you do not know or do not guarantee you are a real case, do not fix it! Anyone who knows and knows a straight ID with the bag is original or a fake bag. It is better to purchase a bag without a brand than to hang around with a fake bag. If you want to purchase a luxury bag that is a status symbol, check before you buy and repair only a real bag.

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